AIS Channel Talk by Professor J Calvin Coffey


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Recent talk by Professor J Calvin Coffey on the importance of the mesentery at the AIS Channel Winter Event 2017

The new mesentery: does this change surgical oncology?

and panel discussion

As with rectal cancer, surgery for colon cancer has evolved, and with emerging techniques and technology we are able to offer our patients more precise surgery with potentially improved outcomes and less morbidity. However, as new options present themselves, it is right that we attempt to objectively understand the potential and limitations of any change in practice. Do we need to be more radical in the case of CME? Or can we less aggressive in our excision with ESD? Will intracorporeal anastomosis using state-of-the-art robotics head towards day-case colectomies? Or can 4K imaging provide the laparoscopist with further advantages?

On December 15th 2017, we will be hosting this outstading event of the #colorectalsurgery calendar and attempting to answer some of these important questions. The event will be broadcast live from University College London Hospital and chaired by Manish Chand alongside co-chairs Antonio M. Lacy and Steven D. Wexner. Indeed, we will once again bring together an international expert panel to debate the issues and offer live surgery and endoscopy direct to viewers across the world. There will be a number of new innovations to allow immersion in the event with real-time questions and interaction with the audience.

Join us and participate in this tremendous live event which will be followed all over the world!

Winter Event 2017